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Our Mission

CRASHENDO! East Gippsland is part of an international social change program providing intensive instrumental and choral group tuition resulting in life-enhancing experiences for children, families and the community.

We encourage the natural inclination of people to share and help each other learn.

Our programs are socially and culturally inclusive, and offer opportunities for regular performance and engagement with other ensembles.

Our activities

  • pre-orchestral and instrumental programs in primary school settings
  • after-school youth orchestra regular school/community performances
  • annual 3 day July school holiday program
  • two scholarships - Melbourne Youth Orchestra Summer School and Transition to/Complete Secondary College 
  • annual rehearsals and concert with the Gippsland Symphony Orchestra
  • annual workshops and concert with Latrobe Orchestra
  • Early Years pilot program
  • other events as they arise. 

Some activities particularly support those experiencing adversity.

All programs operate in East Gippsland, a regional area of Victoria.

We have a band of young and adult volunteers, from 14 – 80+ years, who support us musically and administratively.

Please see our Sponsors Page to understand the breadth of philanthropic, government, community and business support. text...

Musicians give us the thumbs up!

School Principal: “John was a lost little boy, he used to get into verbal arguments all the time, but no longer. He has found a place and now has some kudos”.

Optician: “Luke’s sight improved staggeringly: in six months it has jumped forward three years solely due to violin playing and reading music”. 

Parent: “My child learnt to read through learning to read music in Crashendo!”.

Parent: “My child borrowed music from the local library – his own idea, and he’s teaching himself. It’s great to see him motivated”.

Parent: “The AUSTA Gippsland String Festival was amazing. I haven’t seen a big group of string players playing together. I had a huge smile on my face the whole concert (and tears in my eyes). It was inspiring to see the children being supported by volunteers and experienced string players”.

Evaluation of Sistema Scotland 2016, a similar but larger program, found that the program delivers greater social benefits than the value of resources used by the project.

David Williams, OAM, Gippsland Symphony Orchestra (GSO) Artistic Director: “What a privilege it was to be able to come to Bairnsdale and support this most outstanding program. It was great to see the range of players in the group, young members through to adults. This speaks volumes to the importance of the program. I loved working with the Crashendo players as their enthusiasm and excitement ignited the GSO players.”.

Adult Participant: “Everyone is so welcoming, a safe place to try new things. It’s about participation, learning and striving”

Crashendo - improving the life of people through music
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